Steadicam Operator

Samuel Amaral

Arri Munich Certified on Trinity 1 and 2

Born and raised in Portugal, Samuel was drawn into the magic of cinema, at a very young age, through his father. After graduating in Cinema, Television, and Advertising in 2004, he started working as a Camera Department Assistant, moving up the ranks to VT Operator and then into Clapper Loading and later Focus Pulling. By 2011, Samuel realized that he kept being drawn back to his ‘Steadicam Assisting’ days at Film School where he participated in many projects, so he took himself off the US to further deepen his knowledge in the art of operating a Steadicam with Masters such as Garret Brown, Jerry Hollway, Chris Fawcett and many more. He has since participated in International Steadicam workshops and has the latest available gear to himself. He has been working as a dedicated Steadicam Operator since then and on all forms of media; Television Commercials; Feature Films; TV Series; Music Videos and more. Samuel has most recently worked in Egypt, where he worked on several projects including a Netflix series, a Synergy series, and many commercials.

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