Jibu K Rajan

Born in Kerala, India, my professional journey commenced as a Video Editor and Graphics Designer for the prestigious TV channel Asianet. Fortunate circumstances led me to serve as an Associate Director for numerous captivating documentaries produced by the same channel.

Over the years, I have diligently honed my skills and diversified my expertise. Today, I proudly stand as an accomplished Photographer, Director, Videographer, Editor, and Graphic Visualizer. Since 2013, I have been dedicated to serving a growing clientele, both locally and internationally.

My extensive range of services encompasses Photography, Videography, and Filmmaking, with a primary focus on tailoring them to meet your specific requirements and capturing the profound essence of the moments that matter to you.

Throughout my professional journey, I have achieved remarkable success in executing a wide range of video and photo campaigns. My expertise extends across diverse domains, including boutiques, portraits, product photography, architectural videography and photography, and captivating food-related content.

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