Director of Photography

Igor Savatovic

Igor has more than 25 years of experience in every field of Film and TV production with all kinds of professional film or digital media. As a Steadicam Operator, he has more than 20 years of working experience on a range of different production types at different budgetary levels with all kinds of professional film or digital media. In 2023 he was chosen by ARRI as one of 5 steadicam Operators around the world to be on the revel of Trinity 2 and Artemis 2 stabilizers. He is a certified ARRI Trinity 2 and Artemis 2 instructor.

Igor shot around 500 episodes for different TV shows (Dramas, Sitcoms, Soap Operas) as a Director of photography and as a Steadicam Operator.

He owns two complete camera stabilizing systems – ARRI Artemis 2 and ARRI Trinity 2,5 axis’s stabilizer, with all necessary accessories for most of modern digital and film cameras.

He worked in Europe, Asia, and MENA Region.

He is based in Dubai and works worldwide.

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