Elsa Antoun

Elsa Antoun is an accomplished art director/producer residing in Dubai. With extensive experience in a diverse range of media including commercials, short films, documentaries, TV series, and photoshoots, her knowledge spans across the entire spectrum of visual storytelling.

Elsa has lent her creative expertise to a multitude of projects like fashion, food and beverage, lifestyle, military, tourism, and cosmetics. Her versatility and artistic insight make her a sought-after professional in the industry.

Elsa is the main presenter for Fact Life. Fluent in Arabic, French, English, and Italian, she effortlessly navigates cultural and linguistic boundaries to bring stories to life.

Whether she’s behind the camera or in front of it, Elsa brings her positive energy, strong communication skills, professionalism, problem-solving acumen, and proactive approach to every project. It’s her unwavering commitment to excellence that sets her apart and makes her a unique force in the world of media and art.

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