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Sandra Pennington

I grew up with an inherent love for photography. I studied cinematography in London and have been working in the film industry and as photography ever since. In my work I am interested in capturing what defines the person in front of my lens. I strive to not only capture the perfect moment but also their emotions, hopes and fears. I’m particularly interested in Photo Journalism, Street, Travel and Portrait Photography. I work mainly on my Sony Alpha 7RIV A, Fujifilm x100t, Hasselblad 500MC and my 35 mm analog cameras ,such as Nikon FM2 or Nikon F. Photo Journalism is fascinating to me, as it freezes one moment in time depicting a reality that is so inherently different from the one each one of us knows. It allows the viewer to play a passive role in that persons’s life creating interest in each other and more empathy, leaving little space for prejudices of any kind.  A photographer in that instant becomes an ambassador.

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