1st AD

Onur Demirtaş

With a passion for storytelling and a meticulous attention to detail, I’m a seasoned 1st AD with extensive experience in the dynamic worlds of Commercial Advertising, Feature Film Production, and TV Series. Known for exceptional organizational skills, leadership acumen, and a collaborative approach, I am dedicated to bringing creative visions to life while ensuring seamless production execution.

Alongside leading pre-production planning, scheduling, and logistics coordination for a diverse range of projects, I ‘’as a graduate of very good film school in Turkey’’ also take into consideration the esthetic side of the projects.
Collaborated closely with directors, producers, department heads, and talents to develop and execute production strategies aligned with creative objectives and budgetary constraints. Managed on-set operations, overseeing cast and crew, maintaining adherence to shooting schedules, and troubleshooting logistical challenges to ensure efficient and successful shoot days.
Gained comprehensive production experience over the years on various Film and Television projects working with international Crews, DOPs, Directors and Producers on various locations and challenging climates.

What I think makes a person a good 1st AD is being in control of every aspect of filmmaking, being friends with the crew while leading them, having a good knowledge of technical side, handling the stress and being flexible to every challenge. I like to be the Ninja a true filmmaker on set to do everything that I can alongside my profession to take the project to the next level. If you hire me I can assure you that I’ll bring years of skill and experience onto the table.

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