1st AC / Focus Puller

Murali Krishnan

Murali grew up in India watching documentaries and regional movies as a teenager and decided to pursue a career in the same field. After graduating from a media school, he moved to Mumbai to assist and study under prominent filmmakers in Bollywood. He started his career as a Data Wrangler/DIT for a brief period of time and then started working worked as an Assistant Camera, working the way up the ladder as camera operator and focus puller and even DOP in few small projects. As part of Bollywood projects, he has travelled to Bulgaria, Croatia, South Africa, Malaysia and Thailand and has worked with a lot of international crew. He moved to United Arab Emirates in 2019 and initially worked with a rental house full time as a 1stAC/2nd AC. He started working as a freelancer in 2022. With about 10 years in the film industry, Murali is equipped with technical skills and knowledge to be an important asset in the team.

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