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With a career spanning over 20 years in UK Film, High End drama and Commercials, Mel has a wealth of experience working for many reputable production companies and well-known clients. In particular has Mel worked with award winning & Oscar nominated director Mike Leigh who begins his films, in rehearsal, without a script creating the characters and uses improvisations to build storylines. She worked as both the rehearsal and shooting AD on these projects. Mel’s work over the years has encompassed scenes involving low loaders, aerial work, working on water/ in tanks, large crowd scenes, various challenging locations, working with children, SFX, stunts and animals. She has worked at Pinewood, Twickenham and Leavesden studios in London as well as filming on location in Rome at Cinecitta Studios, Malta and the Cook Islands. Mel is a confident communicator whether dealing with members of the public or high-profile actors. She runs a calm, friendly and efficient set enabling everyone to collaborate effectively and is currently based in Dubai, UAE.

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