1st AD

Jeremy Kincaid-Smith

Based in France

After 39 years of experience in the film industry, Jeremy has acquired a very well rounded and versatile experience in producing and assistant directing, enabling him to manage almost all situations.  Jeremy has worked on all forms of motion picture, including feature films, television commercials, tv drama’s, documentaries, corporates, music videos and more.

Having worked all around the world, Jeremy has been involved as first AD on work involving cars, helicopters, aeroplanes and drones and is experienced in car chase scenes, stunts, performance, car beauty tracking shots, to mention but a few, and has a sound experience in visual pyrotechnics and various other special effects.

Jeremy is a well sought-after crew member.  He exudes a calm on set that commands respect and authority. He is fluent in English and French and is a great team player always going the extra mile for Clients.

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