Director of Photography

Dirk Nel

Born in South Africa during the apartheid era Dirk developed an interest in shooting documentaries and learning all there was to learn about the political situation at the time. Dirk left SA to attend film school in the USA where he attended a course in cinematography under the tutelage of Oscar winning cinematographer Walter Lassaly. Having a background in documentary enabled a fast working style and an easy, collaborative approach in difficult working circumstances which proved an asset in the world of fiction filmmaking.
A natural eye for composition and colour he uses these skills to excellent use.

After leaving the US Dirk arrived in the UK and quickly established himself at the top end of British television drama, his distinctive visual style has been showcased in some of the top rated drama output for both the major UK broadcasters, BBC and ITV as well as Netflix and Amazon.

Dirk has been nominated for three Emmy awards, a BAFTA award and won the prize for cinematography for the Rory Peck award in london as well as best cinematography for “A plea for Grimsby” at the london BIFA

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