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Celeste van Rooyen

Celéste is an international award winning photographer and light master. She can light any brief.  She is a Fashion, Portrait, Lifestyle and Advertising photographer.

With her eye on the bigger picture and her love of creating content that makes you feel, ensuring all aspects just work, Celeste has ventured into the niche of Stills photographer on set (alongside film/commercial), which requires skill to create expectation fast.

Her experience in producing her own shoots and leading a team has led her to produce and production manage content/campaigns for others as well. “From concept to post or what is needed in-between, I love being on set and being part of the process.”

Celéste loves working with kids and her passion for food has led to epic food styling roles.

Celéste has worked with all industries: Agencies, Production Houses, Brands, Magazines, Movies, Billboards, etc. some names inlcude Astudio, CNN, VIP Films, Babyshop, Lego, Max Fashion, McDonalds, Ogilvy, Vogue Magazine, Nespresso, Coke, Dubai Tourism, to mention the least.

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