Key Grip

Boris Olomi

Boris began his career as a professional motor mechanic. This led him to work on picture vehicles in the late 90s with ‘Enemy at the Gates’ being the first feature film in the vehicle department. At the time, Boris also worked at a Berlin tracking vehicle company collecting experience as a camera car driver and crane grip. The position as picture vehicle technician on ‘Bourne Supremacy’ led to international accreditation. The film ‘Syriana’ brought Boris to Dubai where he saw his chance to pursue his dream to join the Grips department. His technical background allowed him to grow quickly and he settled in Dubai. From there he gained extensive experience in all areas of the Grip department, including dolly grip, crane grip, and rigging grip to the remote head technician. His extensive skills make him adept at solving difficult technical problems and allow him to work with confidence on even the most demanding projects. With multiple feature films, television productions, and hundreds of commercials under his belt, Boris’s experience is extensive and invaluable.

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