Director of Photography

Mark ‘Hobz’ Hobson

Mark was born and educated in Sydney Australia. He moved to Finland in 2009 and over the next 9 years was fortunate to film Features, Commercials and other forms of content in 6 continents.

In 2017, he was accepted into the ACS Australian Cinematography Society. In 2018, after completing an action Feature in Iran called “Layers of Lies” he was recruited to shoot the “Where is My Lamborghini?” Mobile game and TV show in Dubai, UAE. After the completion of the show, he found himself grounded in Dubai with his new life and film work opportunities. Since then he has been working on several Narratives, TVC’s, music videos, business development for local production companies and workshops to help educate the local market with his experience from across the globe.

Most people know him as “Mark Hobz” or “Hobz”. He loves to bring his experience of filmmaking and work ethics from around the world into his visuals and project execution.

He has won multiple awards over the years.

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