Director of Photography

Kris Brady

Kris started his career in TV in the UK. Trained originally as a camera operator he soon became a self shooting PD working both in house and on contract with various networks in the UK such as Channel 4, The BBC and MTVUK.

He then moved on to working as a freelance director and camera operator for a number of years in the UK.  As he started becoming booked for more international jobs he was eventually led to the middle east where he began shooting pan Arab TV shows and working as a freelance director.

Kris continued to work on contract for MTV and MBC working as a director/DP as well as a consultant on show formats and series producing. After shifting away from the TV world in 2010, Kris spent the last 11 years focused on creating promos, commercials and content

Kris’ study of the craft including storytelling, lighting, camera & post-production techniques allows him to create powerful & memorable visual concepts. His 15-year background in Directing spans TV series, short films, TV commercials and music videos. Having worked throughout the Middle East, Kris has a strong understanding of regional customs and speaks Arabic allowing cross-culture negotiations and effective communication.

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